Nervous Patients

Fear of visiting the dentist is a recognised phobia for many patients, and if you feel like you can relate to it, we are here to take care of you with patience, and rest assured you will be in safe hands.

We take time to understand your concerns to give you a sense of control and transform your anxieties into a healthy future.

Being a nervous patient shouldn’t interfere with your oral health. When you arrive at our practice, we will provide you with the necessary support to make you feel safe and at ease.

What is dental anxiety?

Dental anxiety has many names, all of them describing the fear of dentists and dental treatments which can make you avoid your appointments. Sometimes, it can result in ignoring quite serious symptoms that can turn into severe oral health issues.

Dental anxieties can be caused by a traumatic dental experience in the past, but it doesn’t always have to be based on your history. There are various reasons for the fear to occur, such as sensitive teeth, pain threshold, to name a few.

Regardless of the cause, taking care of your teeth is as important as taking care of your overall well-being, and Corringham Dental Practice will treat you with respect, care and try to make you feel as calm as possible.

What can we offer you to feel more relaxed?

You may find your treatment more at ease with IV sedation as it puts you to a relaxed state. You will be still conscious and always in control while we take care of your oral health. You can feel safe with us as we will talk you through the steps to provide you with a better understanding of the treatments.

What can I do to relieve my worries?

There are various techniques you may find useful to have a more relaxed mindset. Aside from taking a trusted friend to accompany you when you visit us, you can arrive early to read a book to get used to our environment.

Alternatively, you could try listening to some relaxing music before your appointment. You can arrange with your dentist to have, for example, a hand gesture to signal that you no longer feel safe or want the treatment to stop. Contact us today to request an appointment

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