Dental filling is a treatment used to repair your teeth by filling in holes that have been caused by decay.

Fillings restore the shape and function of your teeth, and regular check-ups can help your dentist spot any problems and treat them early.

How do I know if I need a filling?

During a check-up, your dentist will examine the surface of your teeth to determine whether you have a cavity that requires a filling. What type of treatment you may require depends on the damage caused by decay.

How does it work?

Your oral health professional will remove the decayed part of your tooth to clean it and prepare your tooth for the filling. By closing the spaces where bacteria could enter, a filling will help you prevent any further decay. If needed, we will administer the local anaesthetic to relieve you from any discomfort.

Which type of filling will I need?

Each individual may require a different type of fillings. Variety of materials that may not be suitable for everyone (due to allergies, the extent of repair, etc.). Your dentist will discuss your options to determine which material will suit your needs.

Filling materials include:

  • Amalgam (‘silver’) fillings
  • Composite (‘tooth-coloured’) resin fillings

What aftercare would I need to follow?

You may experience some sensitivity and/or discomfort after receiving a filling, but it should reduce. Tooth fillings usually last for years, but they tend to wear out over time and might need to be replaced. Contact us today to request an appointment

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